Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer | 25GB Data at Just 130 Rs

Introducing the most wanted Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer????. Are you tired of running out of data before the week even ends? Is finding an affordable and high-data package a constant struggle? Look no further!

Weekly Extreme Offer Jazz brings you massive 25 Gb data for just 130 Rupees. Visit the section below for further details on this bundle. We have also shared its agreement terms to help you fully understand this offer. After activating this offer, you can enjoy Reels, Tiktok, or anything kind of Internet use without worrying about data restrictions. 

By delving into this post, you’ll discover all the nitty-gritty details of this Jazz 25 gb package. We have covered the benefits and the procedure step by step. Take advantage of this Jazz 12am to 12pm internet package to experience uninterrupted connectivity at an unbeatable price. 

Jazz Weekly Extreme Bundle Details

This jazz weekly night internet package is the best choice for people who usually use the internet during the night. Whether you want to enjoy Netflix or watch your favorite football team, this bundle is enough to meet all kinds of needs.

Package NameWeekly Extreme Offer Jazz
Price130 Rs
Load Required109 PKR
Validity 7 Days
Timing12 AM to 12 PM
Data25600 Mbs
Jazz weekly internet package 25gb code*117*1#
Unsubscription Code*117*1*4#
Status code*117*1*2#
Info Code*117*1*3#

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Terms And Conditions

  • This bundle can be subscribed all day. There are no time restrictions while subscribing to this bundle.
  • To check the remaining resource, you will have to pay Rs. 0.6
  •  Weekly Extreme offer Jazz is not an auto-subscribe offer you need to subscribe to again after the expiry date.
  •  You can use this internet bundle in all 2G/3G/4G network areas.
  •  This internet offer applies to an average of 2 MB.
  • This offer can be changed anytime by subscribers.


What Is Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer?

Jazz weekly extreme offer provides you 25600 Mbs internet data for seven days from 12 AM to 12 PM for just 130 Rupees.

What Is The Duration Of Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer?

The timing of this offer is 12 AM to 12 PM. That’s why it is also called the Jazz 12 AM to 12 PM internet package.

What Is Jazz Weekly Internet Package 25gb Code?

Jazz weekly internet package 25gb code *117*1#. This bundle can also be activated from JazzWorld App.

How To Check The Remaining Resources Of Jazz Weekly Extreme Offers?

There are two methods for checking the remaining Mbs of this Jazz weekly night internet package. The first method is by using the Jazz World app. The second method is by dialing *117*1*3#.


In conclusion, the “Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer” is an unbeatable opportunity for Night owls at an affordable price. With 25600 Mbs for just 130 Rs, this offer is tailored to cater to your data-intensive needs throughout the week. 

Our comment section is welcome for all kinds of questions related to this Jazz 25 gb package.

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