Jazz Daily Internet Package 1gb 2024 Details

Are you looking for Jazz Daily Internet Package 1GB details? Need an internet bundle for 24 hours at an affordable price? Well, we are here to help you.

Here we will share everything related to the Jazz Daily 1 GB Internet package. Alongside this offer, we will share its alternatives so you can get the best offer that fits your needs. Stay with us till the end to find out the code, price, and other details of these offers.

Reading this article will help you find the best daily internet offer for yourself. All the packages shared below offer 1000 MB of internet, whether it is social or flat data. Let’s quickly get into the details without waiting any further.

What is the Jazz Daily Internet Package? 1 Gb

The Jazz Daily Internet Package 1GB is designed for users who require a moderate amount of data for their daily online activities. With a limited 1GB of data, subscribers can enjoy seamless browsing, social media interaction, and even playing their favorite games. The packages are competitively priced, making them an attractive choice for users seeking affordability without compromising on performance. There are three packages offering 1 GB of internet.

  • Jazz Daily Social
  • Jazz Daily Mega
  • Jazz Super Ghanta Offer

Jazz Daily Social Offer

As you can see in the name of the bundle, this is a social bundle; you can use various social media platforms, including Facebook, Whatsapp, and IMO. You will get a total of 1.5 GB of internet with this bundle.

OfferJazz Daily Social Package
PriceRs. 23
Validity1 Day
Internet1.5 Gb (Only Social)
Subscription code*968#
Usage Details*968*2#

Jazz Daily Mega Offer

The second bundle on our list is the Mega Offer, which allows users to consume 1 GB of flat internet, which can be used for every online activity. To activate now, dial *117*4# and just Rs 35.

OfferJazz Daily Mega Offer
PriceRs 35
Validity1 Day
Internet1 Gb
Subscription Code*117*4#
Data Usage*117*4*2#

Jazz Super Ghanta Offer

The third 1 GB internet bundle is Jazz Super Ghanta Offer; though this isn’t a 24-hour bundle, it is still an attractive offer that gives 1 GB of fast internet at a very low price. Avil 1 GB of data for the next 1 hour for Rs 12.

OfferJazz Super Ghanta Offer
PriceRs. 12
Validity1 Hour
Internet1 Gb
Subscription Code*638#
Usage Details*638*2#

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Term and Conditions of Jazz Daily Internet Package 1GB

  • All the offers mentioned above are valid for paid users.
  • Jazz Daily Social offers 1.5 GB of internet, which is only applicable for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Imo.
  • Jazz Daily Mega is a non-recursive offer. To subscribe to the bundle again, you’ll have to dial the subscription code.
  • Jazz Super Ghanta The offer is only valid for one hour. Multiple subscriptions are allowed for this offer.
  • Jazz reserves the right to change or eliminate any of these offers without prior notice.


How to Check Remaining Mbs on Jazz?

All the offers have different codes for checking the remaining usage; we know you can only remember some of the data usage codes. So, for your convenience, let me tell you about a quick and easy method. Just add *2# after the subscription code to view the remaining MBS or other resources.

How Many Times Can I Subscribe To The Jazz Super Ghanta Offer?

You can subscribe multiple times, but remember to subscribe when the bundle is set to expire so that you can get an additional hour.

How many offers does Jazz Daily Internet Package 1 GB have?

There are 3 Jazz daily 1 GB bundles. For more information, read the above paragraphs.


Summing up, we have discussed the Jazz Daily Internet Package 1GB in detail. You can activate it by dialing *117*4#. We have also discussed the Daily Social and Super Ghanta offers.

Now it’s up to you to decide which offer suits you the most. But if you ask for my recommendation, I will prefer the Jazz Daily Mega. It offers a complete and affordable solution for your daily internet needs.

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