Ufone Balance Save Code 2024: Multiple Free Methods

Your balance gets consumed as soon as the internet is turned on. Looking for a Ufone Balance Save Code? We have got you covered!

*6611# is the Ufone balance save code. You can activate this service using two methods, which include online and offline. This is a completely free offer. We have shared everything related to this procedure in detail below. Remember to look at it’s terms and conditions before activation as well.

Reading this brief guide will teach you how to save your Ufone balance for free. We have shared the working codes after verification. Stick with us till the end to find them.

Ufone Balance Save Code 2024

Alright, now we come to the main topic. The process is simple. All you need to know is the activation code. No lengthy process, free of charge solution.

Dial *6611# and save your balance. This is a free code.

OfferUfone Balance Save
PriceRs 0
Validity Until Unsubscribed
Subscription Code*6611#

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How do you save the Ufone balance when the data is on?

Follow the same process; it might consume your balance if your data is turned on for a long time. So, as soon as you recharge, dial *6611# to activate the offer and avoid any balance shortage. If you still need to understand, let’s divide the steps.

  • Dial *6611# from your Ufone Sim.
  • A new menu will appear; reply with 1.
  • Here you go; you have subscribed.

Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is only valid for Ufone Prepaid customers.
  • The validity is 30 days.
  • This is an auto-recursive offer. This means that after 30 days, this will be automatically subscribed to again until or unless you unsubscribe from the offer.
  • Yet Ufone 4G isn’t charging anything for the activation process, but Ufone can set it up in the future without any prior notice.
  • Ufone has the right to terminate or change the offer without prior notice.

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How do you unsubscribe from the Ufone Balance Save Offer?

To unsubscribe from the offer, dial *6611# and reply with 2 on the following menu.

How do I recharge the balance back into my account?

The process is simple: unsubscribe from the offer; the balance will automatically be loaded back into your account. Dial *6611# to unsubscribe.

How do I check my Ufone balance?

To check the balance on your Ufone SIM, dial *124#.


Summing up the post, we have discussed the Ufone balance save code, and we hope you are good to go. Now you can save your Ufone balance anytime without any problem. Just one code, *6611#, will help you do that and is also free to use.

We also recommend this offer as we can face any urgent situation in which we need to call someone urgently, and if we don’t have the balance at the moment, that’s troublesome, so why not save the balance prior?

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