Jazz Free Internet Code 2024: Multiple Methods

Low on budget and looking for free internet to fulfill your needs? In search of a free Jazz internet code? Is that so? Stop looking further; you have come to the right place. Here, you will find several codes to get free data.

Jazz 4G is a well-known network provider in the country, with millions of users. We will share multiple working, free internet codes for you. These will help you use the internet without any packages. Some of these come with certain conditions, but there is no need to worry; we have also shared their alternatives.

Reading this blog post will enable you to get free data with your Jazz SIM. All the codes have some terms and conditions; we will try to cover every aspect of that detail. So, are you ready to start browsing without spending anything? Let’s go then.

Multiple Jazz-Free Internet Codes

A Jazz user without free internet does not seem right. We will share some tricks and tips, and if you follow them correctly, you will be getting free MBs again and again. We will share multiple codes to help you get free internet.

Jazz 5555 Free Internet

Dial *5555# and then press 1 to receive a free 1GB of Facebook, Whatsapp, and Youtube. Remember, if this method isn’t working for the first time, try again, and often it helps.

PackageJazz 5555 Internet
PriceRs 0
Validity2 Days
Internet1Gb (Facebook, Whatsapp and Youtube)
Subscription Code*5555#

Jazz-Free Internet

To activate a second free bundle, dial *117*72*3#. All you have to do is dial this code and wait for a confirmation message. If you are eligible, most of the users are Jazz, who will reward you with 500 MB for 10 days.

PackageJazz Free Internet Code
PriceRs 0
Validity10 Days
Internet 500 Mb
Subscription Code*117*72*3#

Jazz Sim Lagao Offer

The next offer is super simple with a ton of resources. If you havent used your Jazz sim for past 30 days then its time to insert the sim back in your mobile and avail 3000 Mints, 3000 Sms and 6Gb Internet just for Rs 0.01. Dial *551# now.

BundleSim Lgao Offer
PriceRs 0.01
Validity60 Days
Internet6 GB (3 Gb Whatsapp)
Subscription Code*551#
Usage Check*553*2#

Jazz New Sim Offer

Upon purchasing of new sim you can also get free Jazz mbs. After buying a new sim dial *191# and get 3 Gb internet, 1000 Jazz Mints and 1000 Sms for Rs 0.

NameJazz New Sim Offer
PriceRs 0
Validity7 Days
Data3 Gb
Minutes1000 Jazz mints
Subscription Code*191#
Also, on every recharge of more than Rs 50, users will get 1 GB, 1000 Jazz Minutes and 1000 SMS for 2 days

Other Jazz Free Internet Code

Here are several other free internet codes. We haven’t shared the details of these codes in detail because they are seasonal and might work or might not, so to save your time, we have just listed down the codes. Go on and try each one. If any of them work, comment down to tell us how many free MBs you have received.

Jazz Free Internet Codes List

Thats not the end we also have some free Whatsapp codes for you in store.

Jazz Free Whatsapp Code

Jazz offers you free 65 mbs on every Jazz call you make. Even the call is of 1 mint or 10 mints its depends on you, get free 65 mbs on each call. You can avail this offer 10 times a day means on first 10 calls in a day you will recieve free 65 mbs each. Dial *225#.

PackageJazz Free Whatsapp Code
PriceRs 0
Internet65 Mbs of Whatsapp on every Jazz call
Subscription Code*225#
NoteYou can avail this offer 10 times a day.

Other Free Whatsapp Codes

Free Whatsapp Code

In addition to Jazz WhatsApp codes, we also have Jazz free Facebook codes as a bonus for you.

Jazz Free Facebook Code

Now, Jazz users can enjoy unlimited Facebook for free. Just switch to the free mode on Facebook, which is provided in the top right corner. But the catch here is that you won’t be able to see any pictures or videos in the free mode. That’s okay. Without pictures and videos, you can do enough tasks; you can read unlimited posts, interact with them, and chat with each other.

Other Jazz Free Facebook Codes

Jazz Free Facebook

Jazz Free Instagram Mbs

Instagram is a popular social media app. With the immense popularity of instagram in other social networks why left Instagram behind, we got you covered with Jazz Free instagram codes.

Jazz Free Instagram Codes

Jazz Free Youtube Mbs

Watch your favourite youtubers with Jazz free Youtube code 2024. Enjoy latest songs, movies and documentries. All you need to avail all these free resources is a Jazz Sim.

Free Youtube

If these free methods don’t work for you, here is a brief guide to all the Jazz internet packages.

Terms and Conditions

  • All these offers are only valid for Jazz Prepaid customers.
  • All the bundles mentioned here are absolutely free.
  • These free packages are available for a limited time only, so hurry up and grab your free Jazz internet code.
  • Call setup charges are applicable for every call.
  • Jazz reserves the right to change or terminate any offer without prior notice.
  • The speed of the internet will depend on several factors, including the device you are using and your area.


Summing up, Jazz users can start their new year with a bang. A ton of free internet awaits you. There is not just one Jazz free internet code; there are several to try. You can fulfill your internet needs, including free data for popular platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, and more.

There is no need to recharge and activate costly bundles when you have these free codes. Try each code and enjoy free and fast internet. Jazz’s commitment to providing free internet shows how much they care for their users and their dedication to keeping users connected without stretching their budgets.

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