Jazz WhatsApp Package Monthly In 50 Rupees 2024: Hot Offer!

Introducing the “Jazz WhatsApp Package Monthly In 50 Rupees” for 2023 – an unbeatable and pocket-friendly communication solution. Are you tired of pricey data plans and limited access to social apps? Worry no more!

We will provide a brief insight of this Jazz Monthly WhatsApp offer. We will also share this bundle’s best substitutions with different data allocations. With an unbeatable price of just 50 Rupees, you get access to WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social apps! Yes, you heard it right – chat, share, and stay updated on your fav platforms without any worries now.

After reading this article, subscribe to the best Jazz WhatsApp offer. So no more trouble of running out of WhatsApp data or spending a fortune on using social media. So, keep reading to use WhatsApp at the cheapest price!

Jazz WhatsApp Package Monthly In 50 Rupees Details

Unfortunately, there is no Monthly WhatsApp package yet. There are only a few Jazz internet packages for 50 rupees. So worry not. We will guide you with 3 different packages knowing the affordability.

  • Jazz Monthly Social Bundle
  •  Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer
  •  Jazz Monthly Social Plus Offer

Jazz Monthly Social Package

It is the first and the perfect choice for an affordable Jazz monthly WhatsApp bundle. You will get 7 gb data in just 148 Pkr for WA, FB, IMO, SC, and BIP apps.

Package NameJazz Monthly Social Package
Load Required148 PKR (Price may slightly vary depending upon your location)
Validity30 Days
Data7168 Mbs
Valid Social Apps For This OfferWhatsApp, Facebook, IMO, Snap Chat, BIP

Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer

This Jazz monthly bundle provides 4Gb data for WA, IMO, and BIP in just 149 Rs balance. It also provides 300 On-net minutes, 40 all-network minutes, and 3000 sms with data.

Package NameJazz Mahana Bachat Offer
Balance needed149 PKR Including Tax ( Charges are for Specific Regions)
Validity30 Days
Data4096 Mbs/ 4Gb
Valid Social Apps For This OfferWhatsApp, IMO and BIP
On-net Minutes300
Off-net Minutes 40

Jazz Monthly Social Plus Package

Jazz Monthly, Social Plus Package, lets you stay connected with 10250 MBs (10 GB) of data for WhatsApp, Facebook & IMO, along with 300 Jazz to Jazz minutes, 50 off-net minutes, and 300 SMS in just 260 Rs.

Package NameJazz Monthly Social Plus Package
Price260 Pkr
Load Required200 Rs
Validity30 Days
Data10250 Mbs/10 GB
Valid Social Apps For This OfferWhatsApp, Facebook & IMO
Jazz to Jazz Minutes300
Off-net Mints50

Here is our post about all the Jazz Internet Packages 2023 if you want to avoid any of the above offers.

Why Subscribing To These Jazz WhatsApp Packages Monthly For 50 Rupees?

If you’re wondering why you should consider subscribing to these above-described Jazz monthly WhatsApp packages, here are some compelling reasons to do so:

Best Replacements

The Jazz monthly WhatsApp package is designed specially to replace the Jazz WhatsApp Package Monthly In 50 Rupees. While the previous package might no longer be available, these new bundles offer better value and benefits. With ample data for WhatsApp and other social apps, coupled with budget-friendly pricing, they make for the perfect solution to meet your communication needs.

Data For Facebook and Other Social Apps

Stay connected on other social apps alongside WhatsApp without any worries. Jazz’s monthly WhatsApp packages cover a range of popular social applications, including Facebook, IMO, Snap Chat, and BIP. With dedicated data for these apps, you can chat, share moments, and stay updated without consuming your regular data allowance.

Low Price 

One of the most attractive aspects of these packages is their affordability. You get access to a complete month’s worth of uninterrupted communication for just a minimal investment of 148, 149, or 200 rupees. Jazz’s competitive pricing ensures you can enjoy these offers without breaking the bank.


How To Check Jazz WhatsApp Package Monthly For 50 Rupees?

The best way to check Jazz monthly WhatsApp package is by logging into the Jazz World app from the same number. It will tell you about the offer you subscribed to, its last date, remaining resources, and everything.

What Is The Code For Jazz 50 Rs Package?

There is no Jazz 50 Rs package available at the moment; instead, there is Jazz monthly social offer which can be activated with a 148 Pkr balance.

What Is Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Package * 617#?

*617# is the activation code of Jazz monthly social plus. It provides you with 10 Gb of social data, 300 Jazz minutes, 300 sms, and 50 other network minutes for 260 rupees for one week.


In the end, after detailed research, we found that there is no Jazz WhatsApp Package Monthly Of 50 Rupees. So we listed the three best finest substitute bundles instead. Jazz monthly social offer is the perfect replacement.

So if you have any other questions related to Jazz monthly WhatsApp packages, you can ask us below in the comment section.

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