Weekly Hybrid Jazz Packages: Find Best Weekly Hybrid Offer!

“Weekly Hybrid Jazz Packages” offer the perfect synergy of features to cater to all your communication needs for seven days. Do you want to subscribe to multiple mobile packages to meet your weekly internet and calling requirements? Or is there a proper balance between data, mints, and messages in your plans? We understand your frustration!

We have shared the details of all the active Jazz weekly hybrid offers below. The purpose of these packages is to provide you ease in choosing the right package for you. Whether you need a generous data allowance to stay connected online, ample call minutes for both on-network and off-network calls, or an abundance of SMS to keep in touch with your loved ones, these packages have it all.

By the end of this post, you’ll be equipped with all the knowledge you need to find the best “Weekly Hybrid Jazz Package” available. From understanding the terms and conditions to subscription and usage check codes, we have shared every piece of information related to these offers. So let’s start the journey.

Jazz Weekly Hybrid Bundles

There are five different weekly hybrid Jazz packages available at the moment. These bundles’ costs vary from 170 to 500 Pkr according to their resources. You will find their subscription codes and other details below. So let’s see the best Jazz weekly hybrid offer for you without further delay.

Jazz Weekly All Network Offer

Get the “Jazz Weekly All Network Offer” bundle for just 299 Rs and enjoy seven days of validity with 3GB data, 1000 on-net minutes, 90 off-net minutes, and 1000 SMS. It is one of the most subscribed Jazz Hybrid Bundle.

Package NameJazz Weekly All Network Offer
Price 299 Rs
Load Required260 PKR
Validity7 Days
Internet3GB Data
On-net Minutes1000
Off-Net Minutes90
Subscription Code*700#
Status*700*2#/ Jazz World
Unsubscription Code*700*4#
Info string*700*3#

Terms And Conditions

  • This offer will cost 365 Rs for Jazz users in Turbat and Gwadar.
  • You must have 0.15 Rs balance in your sim otherwise allocated minutes will not be functional.
  • No multiple activation restrictions

Jazz Super Woman Bundle

The jazz Super Woman bundle is also known as Jazz 6 to 8 offer. It is the best choice for users who primarily use their mobile during day time. It is the most affordable Jazz weekly hybrid package. You will get unlimited on-network call minutes and 12 gb data for a complete week from 8 AM to 6 PM.

Package NameSuper Woman Bundle
Price170 PKR
Load Needed145 Rs
Validity1 Week
Internet12 GB Data
Time Restrictions8am to 6pm
On-net MinutesUnlimited
Subscription Code*117*14#

Jazz Raabta Plus Offer

We are introducing the “Raabta Plus” package priced at 200 Rs, offering 10GB of internet (valid from 10 PM to 7 PM), 1000 on-net minutes, 100 off-net minutes, and 1000 SMS.

Note; This is a location-based offer. Valid cities for this bundle are mentioned below.

Package NameRaabta Plus
Load Required174 Rs
Validity1 Week
Internet10 GB (Valid from 10PM-7PM)
On-net Minutes1000
Off-net Minutes100
Subscription Code*7678#

Valid Cities For This Offer

2Berani18Garhi Khairo34Mehrabpur50Sanghar
3Bhag19Garhi Yasin35Mehar51Sehwan
4Bhiria City20Ghauspur36Mirpur Mathelo52Shahdadkot
5Bhit Shah21Ghotki37Mirwah53Shahdadpur
6Chuhar Jamali22Hala38Moro54Shikarpur
7Choondiko23Hala Jam Nawaz Ali39Nasirabad55Sibbi
9Daharki25Johi41Naushero Feroze57Sobho Dero
11Daur27Kandiaro43Noori Abad59Tando Adam
12Dera Allah Yar28Kashmore44Pacca Chang60Tharu Shah
13Dera Murad Jamali29Khan Bela45Pano Aqil61Thul
14Dhadar30Khan Pur46Pirjo Goth62Ubauro
15Dokri31Khangarh47Qambar63Usta Muhammad
16Gambat32Khanpur48Qazi Ahmed64Warah

Note: You can only activate this offer in these cities but you can use it anywhere in the country.

Jazz Weekly Super Plus

Jazz weekly super plus is the most popular Jazz Weekly hybrid package. It gives you 10 Gb of data with 5000 Jazz to Jazz call minutes, 5000 sms, and 120 off-network minutes. The best thing is there are no time restrictions with this offer.

Package NameWeekly Super Plus
Price399 PKR
Balance Needed345 Rs
Validity1 Week
Internet10 GB
On-net Minutes5000
Off-net Minutes120
Subscription Code*505#
Status Code*505*2#
Bundle Information*505*3#

Jazz Weekly Super Max Offer

Experience the ultimate connectivity with the “Jazz Weekly Super Max” package, available at only 460 Rs. Enjoy a generous data allowance of 30 GB, along with a whopping 6000 on-net minutes, 150 off-net minutes, and 6000 SMS to stay connected with your loved ones all week.

Package NameJazz Weekly Super Max
Basic Price460 Rs
Balance Needed400 PKR
Validity1 Week
Internet30 GB
On-net Minutes6000
Off-net Minutes150
Subscription Code*506#
Status Code*506*2#
Bundle Information*506*3#

Jazz Weekly Freedom Offer

Jazz weekly freedom offer is the perfect choice for heavy data users. It is the costliest package among all the Jazz weekly hybrid offers shared. The only bad thing about this offer is you don’t get any off-net minutes. It provides you with massive 50 Gb data (Enough for any downloads/uploads or streaming), 1000 on-net minutes, and 1000 sms.

Note: It is a time-limited offer.

Package NameWeekly Freedom Offer
Price499 Rs
Validity1 Week
Internet50 GB Data
On-net Minutes1000
Subscription CodeJazz World/ Easypaisa/Jazzcash

In case your search for the best offer is on, you should visit our brief blog post about Jazz Hybrid Packages, which contains all the daily, 3-day, 7-day, and monthly bundles.


What Is The Weekly Hybrid Jazz Package?

There are multiple weekly hybrid Jazz packages. We have explained the details alongside the subscription method of these offers above.

What Is The Price Of Weekly Hybrid Jazz Bundles?

There are five different Jazz weekly, all in one bundle. The price range of these offers varies from 170 to 500 Pkr based on their given resources.

What Is The Code For Jazz Hybrid Bundle?

*700# is the code for Jazz weekly hybrid offer or Jazz weekly all-in-one bundle.

Final Words

Wrapping up, that was all about weekly hybrid Jazz packages. After detailing five different packages, the standout choice is undoubtedly the “Jazz Weekly Super Plus” package. With its 10GB data, 5000 Jazz to Jazz call minutes, 5000 SMS, and 120 off-net minutes in just 400 Pkr, it is the perfect choice for your internet and calling needs.

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