Telenor 4G Weekly Ultra And Ultra Plus: 8Gb and 20Gb for 1 Week

????️‍♂️Looking to discover Telenor 4G Weekly Ultra details????????? Are You Tired of Running Out of Data in the Middle of the Week? Do you want to stream your favourite seasons on Netflix without data restrictions? Worry no more!

A comprehensive guide about Telenor 4g weekly ultra and ultra plus is here. These packages are enough to fulfil your data requirements with a generous allocation of 8GB and 20GB, whether you are a heavy data user or need it for casual browsing or scrolling. You will find these Telenor data package codes and other details below.

After going through this blog post, you can find the best Telenor weekly internet package for yourself and subscribe to it. So get ready to elevate your online experience and make the most out of your internet connection as we dive into the details of these offers.

Telenor 4g Weekly Ultra Offers Details.

There are two active Telenor 4g weekly ultra offers at the moment. The 1st is the famous Telenor 8gb package, and the 2nd is Telenor 4g weekly ultra plus offer. The details of both of these bundles are shared below.

  • Telenor 8gb internet package
  •  Telenor 20gb internet package

Telenor 4g Weekly Ultra 8gb Package 

Telenor weekly internet package offers 8gb of the internet for seven days only at Rs.190.incl tax.

Offer NameTelenor 4g Weekly Ultra
PriceRs 190. Including tax
Internet8 Gb
Telenor 8gb package code*336#
Usage Check Code*999# / My Telenor App

Term And Conditions

  • It is valid for only seven days.
  •  This offer is non-recursive.
  •  You should dial *336# to activate this offer.
  • Data can be consumed in all network areas (2G/3G/4G).
  • To check the remaining resources, dial *999#
  • Rs. 4.8/MB, including tax will be charged for data usage as a standard rate after this offer is expired.

Telenor 4g Weekly Ultra Plus Offer

Telenor has introduced an upgraded offer for its heavy data users named Telenor 4g Weekly Ultra Plus. It will provide 20 Gb of data instead of 8 GB for one week.

Offer NameTelenor 4g Weekly Ultra Plus
CostRs 240. Including tax
Internet20 Gb (10 Gb is valid from 1 AM to 9 AM)
Telenor 4g Weekly Ultra Plus Code*225#
Remaining DetailsTelenor Official App

Term And Conditions

  • Availability & Validity: The resources and their validity from multiple subscriptions of this offer work separately and will not be combined. This package can be activated multiple times within its validity.
  •  Package Changes: Telenor is not obligated to inform about changes and modifications to the packages.
  •  Billing System: The billing system allocates a portion of available data resources in megabytes (MBs) from your package when you open/access each application or website on your device. This allocation may result in using all available MBs of your bundle for these use cases.
  • If another data-consuming use-case/app/website is accessed after all available MBs have been consumed, standard data costs will apply.
  •  Standard Rate Charging Notification: When regular rate charge begins, you will receive a notification with applicable offers to avoid additional usage at the usual rate.
  •  Resource Usage Intimations: Customers will receive intimations when their resource consumption reaches 80% and 100% from their bundles. It will help take prompt action to avoid standard rate charging.
Supplementary Package: 

Telenor offers a supplementary package at PKR 5, providing 300 MBs of data to prevent additional charges in case you fully consume your data during one week. Dial *503# to activate this bundle. Remember that you may only use this deal once per month.

  • Data Packages & Network Coverage: Data packages are available in regions with 2G/3G/4G network connectivity. The data speed may vary based on factors such as the phone you use, the URLs you access, busy hour conditions, your network service provider, and your location.
  • Expiry and Additional Charges: If your resources are depleted before the package expires, Telenor will charge you Rs 1/MB (tax included) till the programme expires.
  • Eligibility: This offer is open to all Telenor GSM Prepaid customers.
  • Package Renewal: Upon expiration, this package will not undergo automatic renewal.
  • Call Setup Charges: This offer does not have any call setup charges.
  • Price & Resource Variations: The cost and resources of this bundle may slightly differ according to your geographic location.

Note: Telenor retains the authority to modify the terms and conditions at its discretion. Therefore, it is recommended to keep yourself informed with the latest updates provided by Telenor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Telenor 4G Weekly Ultra Package?

4G Weekly Ultra offers you eight gb internet of 4G data for seven days without any time or app restrictions.

What Is The Price For Telenor Weekly Internet Package 8gb?

Telenor Weekly Internet Package 8Gb is Rs 190, including tax, for 7 Days.

How To Check Remaining Mbs For Telenor 8gb package?

To check the remaining Mbs for Telenor Ultra Weekly, dial *999#.

What Is Telenor 4g Weekly Ultra Plus Code?

Telenor 4g weekly ultra plus code is *225#.


In conclusion, Telenor 4G Weekly Ultra and Ultra Plus are among the best weekly internet packages in the market. You can go for 8 Gb offer if you are looking for an affordable solution to your internet needs, but if you require extensive data, ultra plus is a clear choice.

Before utilizing any of these offers, don’t forget to read the terms of agreement. Suppose these offers are not suitable for you. In that case, you can visit our blog post about Telenor Internet Packages, which contains all the hourly, daily, weekly and monthly offers to find the perfect bundle for yourself.

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